Screen capture (screen cast) software

Screen capture (screen cast) software can be used to develop short videos for training purposes. Developing videos is quick and easy. This article describes how these videos are used as tools to reinforce face-to-face and interactive TV curriculum training in a nutrition education program. Advantages of developing these videos are shared. Suggestions for how these videos can be used in other ways are offered

Source: The Journal of Extension (JOE)

ICEL • Academic Conferences and Publishing International

The International Conference on e-Learning was established 11 years ago. It has been held in Malaysia, Chile, Hong Kong, The Bahamas, South Africa, to mention only a few of the countries who have hosted it. ICEL is generally attended by participants from more than 25 countries and attracts an interesting combination of academic scholars, practitioners and individuals who are engaged in various aspects of e-Learning. Among other journals, the Electronic Journal of e-Learning publishes a special edition of the best papers presented at this conference.

ICEL 2016 is being held at the Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia and the Conference Chair is Prof. Dr. Rozhan M. Idrus

Source: ICEL • Academic Conferences and Publishing International