Math Teachers Workshop


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I. Important Links

1. Khan Academy

2. Student engagement using videos

3. The effectiveness of the Khan Academy videos for teaching mathematics

4. IXL Math


II. Quick Review of Selected YouTube Videos

  1. Lecture capture
  2. Studio/In-office recording
  3. Document camera
  4. Screen recording


III. Tips to Reduce cognitive load and Improve the communication effectiveness of PowerPoint Slides

1.Write a clear headline that explains the main idea of every slide.

2.Break up your story into digestible bites in the Slide Sorter view.

3.Reduce visual load by moving text off-screen and narrating the content.

4.Use visuals with your words, instead of words alone.

5.Remove every element that does not support the main idea.


IV. Tips for Successful Screen Recording

1.Keep your video brief.

2.Check microphone settings before recording.

3.Sit close to the microphone & camera.

4.Find quiet place to record.

5.Speak as you do in the class.

6.Use visual aids whenever possible.