The difference between PresentationTube and

I just received this question from one of PresentationTube users and here is my answer to this question:

How does PresentationTube compare with the service?

First, is totally online solution and requires Internet connection to record your presentation, which is great, but not suitable to many users who like to use off-line application, for many reasons (internet speed, cost, flexibility, etc.).

Second, allow users to only narrate slides or document, however, PresentationTube Recorder allows users to integrate a variety of media besides slides like the text, drawing, web content, YouTube, & desktop.

Third, PresentationTube recorder provides more options (while recording) to control your camera appearance and position in the screen.

Fourth, PresentationTube recorder produces video in standards format (ASF/WMV), so you can use it in different ways, either to be uploaded to PresentationTube, so you can enjoy watching the video with slides, or to YouTube.

Finally, you can discover more advantages when you browse the site and discover that it is more than a tool but a network or community for producing and sharing video content.